the grading system

At Jitsu-Do Karate, we reward achievement in all its various forms.  That is why stripes (3 per belt rank) are given out for free during class when the Instructor sees that the student has learned their particular piece of the curriculum and displayed admirable work ethic and attitude.

While some schools push students through ranks to keep their interest, we believe that it is proper to have everyone in a rank that they have earned, making every achievement something students and parents can be proud of.

All students can take comfort in knowing that when they are presented with a stripe or a belt, at Jitsu-Do Karate, they truly deserve it!

And to help students improve quicker, we have created a one-of-a-kind Jitsu-Do Karate Training App to give you all your material on your phone or tablet! Download the iOS version here and the Android version here.

is this for me?

Karate classes can be a fun, challenging and meaningful part of your life but all the benefits of karate are only available to those who are really into it. If you like activity, learning new things, seeing your progress and finding out what you’re really made of, Traditional Karate training might be for you!

Karate classes include exercise, stretching, building muscle and speed as well as disciplining the mind, learning respect and self-control.

Different classes are offered to focus on individual parts of the karate curriculum including fitness, competition and basic forms and techniques. 


traditional karate

Disciplining The MInd


“Everything I needed to know in LIFE,

i learned in the Dojo!”